How To Pick the Right Hunting Spot in Mississippi

Hunting is more than just a hobby. For many people, it’s a way of life. Hunting deer, in particular, has always been popular in Mississippi and is rooted deep in Southern culture, with thousands of hunters taking to the woods every year. However, finding the right hunting spot in Mississippi can make all the difference in your success as a hunter.

While Southern Mississippi is known for their abundance of wild game, Amite, Wilkinson, and Franklin counties are at the top of the list of great hunting spots. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your hunting experience and inspire you to purchase your own hunting land.

Research Is Key

Before heading out into the woods, do your research. Understand the deer population in different areas, their behavior patterns, and any regulations or restrictions in place for hunting in certain locations. By doing proper research, you can narrow down your options and increase your chances of finding a good hunting spot.

Consider the Terrain

Deer typically prefer areas that offer cover, such as thickets or wooded areas. When scouting for potential hunting spots, keep an eye out for these types of terrain. It’s also essential to look for signs of deer activity, such as tracks or droppings, which can indicate a high concentration of deer in the area.

Look for Food Sources

Deer are grazers and tend to stick to areas with an abundant food supply. This could be anything from fields of crops to natural food sources like acorns or berries. By locating these food sources, you increase your chances of finding deer in that particular area.

However, if your hunting area or land doesn’t have an abundance of food sources, you can plant grass/crops or place deer feeders around in the spot you pick to “bait” deer.

Avoid High-Traffic Areas

While setting up your hunting spot near a popular trail or watering hole may be tempting, these areas can become crowded with other hunters and potentially spook the deer. Instead, try to find more secluded areas that are still in close proximity to food sources and cover.

Utilize Trail Cameras

Trail cameras have become a game-changer for hunters, allowing them to monitor and track deer movement in certain areas without being there. By setting up trail cameras in different locations, you can gather valuable information about deer activity and use this to determine the best hunting spot.

You can find a variety of trail camera options in different price ranges. Some are battery-operated and motion-activated; others are solar-powered and can alert your cell phone when it detects activity.

Be Flexible

Weather conditions, food availability, and other factors can all impact where you will find deer on any given day. As a hunter, remember to be flexible and willing to move around to find the best hunting spot in Mississippi. This may mean changing your plans at the last minute or trying different locations throughout the season.

Consider Purchasing Hunting Land

If you’re a dedicated deer hunter in Mississippi, consider purchasing your own hunting land. This gives you full control over your hunting spot and allows you to customize the property to attract deer and improve your chances of a successful hunt.

Contact McMillan Land & Realty to Purchase Hunting Land

Don’t leave your hunting success to chance. Make the smart investment and secure a piece of hunting land that will provide the perfect hunting spot season after season. At McMillan Land & Realty, we pride ourselves on offering the best hunting lands in Mississippi.

Our team is ready to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find a property that satisfies your hunting needs. Whether you’re a novice deer hunter looking for your first hunting land or an experienced hunter wanting to expand your hunting game — turkey, duck, etc. — we can help you find the right hunting spot in Mississippi.
Contact McMillan Land & Realty today and start your journey to owning hunting land.

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