Timberland in South Mississippi

Investing in timberland is becoming increasingly popular as it offers a unique opportunity to own, enjoy, and profit from your real estate investment all at once. With companies releasing large pieces of their land for sale, the market has opened so that individuals can access this attractive asset class. Valuing timber may be unfamiliar territory; however, its scarcity and cost make it an ideal form of capital growth.

What Is Timberland?

According to the U.S. Forest Service, timberland by definition is, “Forest land that is producing, or is capable of producing, more than 20 cubic feet per acre per year of industrial roundwood products under natural conditions, is not withdrawn from timber utilization by statute or administrative regulation, and is not associated with urban or rural development.”

How Many Acres of Forestland Covers Mississippi?

Mississippi is truly a timber paradise! With 19.7 million acres of forestland, covering 65% percent of the state, it’s no wonder Mississippi has been crowned #1 in Certified Tree Farmers under the American Tree Farm System. There are 8.7 million privately owned acres of forest in South Mississippi alone.

The abundance of softwood pine and hardwoods planted by tree farm experts has made timber one of the most successful agricultural commodities across over half of Mississippi’s counties, with an estimated value exceeding $1 billion annually.

Land investment is an incredible opportunity as resources continue to decrease and demand remains high. Now’s the perfect time to secure your timberland

To learn more about Mississippi Forestry and Timber industry, provided by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, click here!

How To Buy Timberland

Becoming a small timber landowner is an opportunity that could reap many rewards. By personally purchasing your property, you take complete control of what happens on it with no restrictions or limits to how much investment is required. What’s more, most lumber in America comes from these private landowners, with up to two-thirds coming out of southern states alone!

Buying timberland is similar to buying a house. You must first equip yourself with knowledge. Do your research and learn all there is to know about timberland. Then, connect with an experienced guide who can show you various properties and facilitate the timberland buying process.

At McMillan Land and Realty, you can securely invest in your future. Our dedicated experts focus on helping clients discover the perfect timberland opportunity customized to their needs. Put our experienced team of agents to work for you so that land investing is easy! Find out more about our agents by clicking here.

Why Should I Invest in Timberland?

Investing in timber may be the answer for investors looking to diversify their portfolios. Unlike stocks, which can drastically drop due to market downturns, lumber is a resource that will remain in demand regardless of any wide-scale changes.

Though pulpwood and various product-based markets within the timber industry change pretty frequently, it is not as volatile as the stock market or even commodity markets, such as precious metals.

Think of it like this, would you rather open up your investment statement every quarter and say, “Well that doesn’t look good,”  or would you rather go out to your land, enjoying recreational activities or hunting, all while knowing your trees are growing and the dirt they are growing in is also gaining value?

If the latter sounds like your ideal way to invest, then consider investing in timberland.

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