Meadville Office- 38 +/- acres


This subject property fronts Old US Highway 84 east of the Town of Meadville, the terrain is hilly with one main ridge running north and south. Approximately 23 acres is in four-year-old planted pines and nine acres in mixed hardwoods. Utilities are to the property. 5.5 acres is listed and non-productive and that includes 3.12 acres of ROW/Easement granted to Cellular Holding, Inc. and is being used for a cellular tower. The remaining acres of the non-productive is a gravel parking lot and the old GP/Plum Creek field office. The main office building is 24’x36’ with asbestos siding and a metal roof, interior wall is paneled with ceiling tile, has two offices, map room and restroom. Attached to this office is a portable building 12’x42′ with foundation problems and is generally in poor condition. The shop building is within the 3.12 acre ROW and it’s 48’x60′ included in this building is an office 14’x24′ with two offices and a restroom, paneled walls and ceiling tile. The remaining square footage is an enclosed shop and open bays.
Access to the south east side of the subject is through the Homochitto National Forest Land, there is a hunting camp site with water and electricity for what appears to have been a camper trailer site.

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Property Features
  • Land is 38 acres